My Respects for HARDWORKING people

I have a lot of respect for people who work super hard in this world to be where they are today.

It doesn't really matter if they are strippers to politicians to doctors to like opening a little shop downtown. I've also came to admire and look up to Asian women who have come to make it big in this heartless and exceptionally cut-throat world. It is really hard to find Asian women in the public mainstream at all; where many young people have someone to look up to, especially well me. And when I do meet one, I am in awe. These people have charisma, have strength, and have shed their share of tears and sweat. To these people, I give them my best wishes.

No matter what they are doing, whether it breaks a lot of norms or rebel against what is "right", they are stepping up to a new level. This platform is non-existent and the fact that some people in this world create a place for themselves, it not only brings brag rights to them, success, power, and all but also allows a path for others.

So now I guess what I am trying to put into words is that, okay yea, I also commend to the males and everyone that makes something of their lives. But why do I care? I cant really put my words on it, but think of it like this. Why live with no meaning to what you do? Why waste our air, our space, when you are nothing. Not to say that I am degrading people who work in retail or work for other people or work those tedious jobs, the fact that they are working and not sitting on their lazy butt all day is a big deal. But maybe they are impacting someone or another being who they are. Maybe its love for their family or friends. Maybe they just love the simple things in live. If those people are not taking those jobs then who will? Although I am not a firm believer, I guess God places everyone where they are, because they are doing what they are called to do, even if its not as big of standards for you or me it is probably is huge to another.

I find it amazing to meet people that are full of energy and hopes and the will to fight. They give off this sense of vibe that is so positive, its contagious, which pushes me to work it even harder. You can say that its not really that I care what anyone do with their lives as long as its doing anything for something like a goal. I do not really judge, but I cannot say I am totally free from doing so.

Sometimes I feel that many people around my world/life are falling. Doing nothing. Pursuing nothing. No goals. Just talk. Which is also nothing in my standards. To those who are struggling, keep on trying, because if you tread water long enough and swim harder, you will eventually reach the shore. I am proud of those who finally realize the importance of live and the impact that they can make. Maybe not to total strangers, but giving hope and satisfaction to their own family, own friends, especially to the little ones (where there are few great people that actually touch their lives) and mostly providing all that and more for themselves.

I am never trying to lead anyone to believe that there are always happy endings, because I believe that if there were always happy endings, how would anyone learn to appreciate it? Someone once said, Victory is sweetest to the loser (I recall Emily Dickenson).

To have meaning for the things that you do. For the actions that you take. Brings dignity and acceptance to your life. And once you learn to not just go with the flow, but also make things happen, life might just look slightly bearable. Its the ability to balance and proportionate the aspects of life.

Id like to see more people fighting and struggling then to just sit there and allow things to take them down. Those of you who allow nothing by doing nothing have nothing to complain.

And to those who are making it and working it, I hope that I will be standing there as well someday. Hopefully there will be a ga-zillion people that would also share that platform. Hopefully, I will be running into more people who would just advance past my standards and cause the bar to go higher.

And if you are reading this, what do you think? Is it great to do your thing, or is it important to do what is "moral" to society standards? I am still firm, that one is great for making something out of their lives and just living it to the way they see fit.