Heavy Hearted

The heart, still healing, as the mind locks away the memories of each of you. Not a day had pass had I forgotten the promise I made. As I still feel your presence now & forever, rest in peace T.P., P.P., J.P., & V.P. 09.07.98.

Not a day had pass since I forgotten the promise I had made.  As much as living through each moment stubbornly believing that each of you should have had a long life to live - where each and every one of you were stripped of a life so tremendously precious.  I still keep it moving and will always keep a watchful eye over the love ones that you had left behind.  Today, as we celebrate the beginning of a new life...a life that will forever represent you since she is has that familial linkage to of each of you.  I am grateful for your presence as you walk with me through times of darkness.  I miss you and the days that we could have shared.


Inner Demons

One chance . . .
To take and not speculate.
To fight for and not regulate.
just let go . . .
Without any inhibitions and see how far it'll take for you to get a chance to finally, not only see and believe, but to also breathe.

With every break,
and crack,
Follows strength.
A strength to toughen the skin you speak of,
with each scarring reminder,
an immeasurable courage it takes to face these inner demons.
The audacity to make it through -
where that ferocious, yet honorable determination supersedes it all.

As you walk on that rough road, with you are other fearless souls along with you. Things are not so desolate. Redemption does not correlate. . . with those that carry the responsibility of many. The end of the road must not be reached alone. For if it was at the bottom or the top, the battle, whether shared or internal, molds us. Breathe easy.

With those of the same passionate mentality, awake but in a dreamy state, we will break down those walls and make our own doors - instead of looking through the window, hoping or imploring for more, we just fight for, simply for the sake of our own. Why? Because we only got one . . .