"It's Love, Baby Love"

An old piece a few years back. Slightly old school, but still hits close to home.

As I stand here, I want you to here me out. After all these years I learned a lot in life. Everything these days, we never say anything out loud. Everything is always left unsaid.

As I curl up in there

a mysterious place where God gave me the breath of life

I was too scared to come out and face the unknown

To feel the fearful darkness

To see the hopeful ray of light

taking me to the unfathomable world

The second my heart beats to the hospital air

its cold

I cried my lungs out until I had color in my cheeks

Breathe Baby Breathe

Where's that voice?

the voice

it is the only voice I know of

moments into my series of cries

what's that I hear?

A voice is trying to comfort me as I became brave enough to open my eyes

"Hey there," you say "welcome dear."

Sleep Baby Sleep

I wake up startled to a poisonous touch

A sinuous man violates my innocence

Mommy, I'm so scared

I wish I could ask you

what is done to me? I don't know how.

I wish I could tell you that

that man was so close to you, linked by blood

Mommy, I don't want to think about it anymore

Kiss it, so it will go away

He watches me throughout the day

He lurks outside my bedroom door

When you were in deep sleep

Shame Baby Shame

One morning I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach, Ma

Some of the boys at my school have been harassing me

Ma, I wear those colorful outfits you made me

Ma, my Payless shoes light up with every step as I run, Ma

They chase me,

they corner me,

they hurt me.

My friends are being forced to the ground behind the bushes

Ma, we're screaming and the yard duties don't care

I'm starting to think it's because we're not like them.

We're Asian Baby Asian

While you were at work, the ice cream man threw out free candy into the streets

All the kids in the block littered our street yesterday

But Momma I'm smart, I'm clever.

I took the candy from a boy sitting next to me

I unwrapped it, broke it in two

How dare that ice cream man!>>>

The chocolate is infested with little worms

I learned to live the streets Momma

Learn Baby Learn

I'm a good student; I excel in all I do

I wish you were here for my award ceremonies in the cafeteria

Like all of the other kids parents

But its okay "you gotta do what you gottas do."

You guys work so hard it makes me sad

We don't see you anymore

My baby brother calls me Mom now

Work Hard Baby Work

One holiday, a terrible accident happened

The scene is hidden from me; I see a trail of blood

We are holding up the traffic, there are cars everywhere

"God please don't let my brother die!"

Mommy, I'm so sorry your brother died

That day with his three kids

I miss them so much

That was a terrible holiday Mom

Cry Baby Cry

I'm helping the family

I'm growing up fast

I'm helping you out

Don't worry I will watch your kids

I will help them do their homework each night

I will make dinner for our family

I will clean the house each day

So when you go home you have more time for them

More time for us

So you can get rest for another day of hard work

Grow Up Baby Grow Up

Hey Mom, I'm calling to tell you that Grandma left us

I spent as much time as I could at the hospital to accompany her

But she just couldn't take another breath

She's tired out

I'm starting to get tired too

Are you tired?

Life is hard Mom

I have already learned that, years ago

It's Okay Baby It's Okay

I am annoyed with you these days Mother

You still get on my back everyday

I just want to be me.

I wish we can see each other eye to eye, person to person, daughter to mother, woman to woman

Just Understand Baby Understand

I have my own life now

I raised myself,

I grew up by myself,

I worked for myself

And I raised my own brothers and sister,

and I took on your role in the family,

and I missed out on my own life

But hey Mom, it's not your fault, no one's to blame

You had to take care of business

That's how things come to happen and that's who I am today

I'm Proud Baby Proud

Dear Mom,

We are two different people

We lead different lives, but in some ways we are similar

We are strong, we persevere in our battles

I'm working on starting my life and making the best out of what's left

And even though we never say I it Mom, I know it's there but it's unspoken

I love you too

Love Our Ways Baby Love

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