Heavy Hearted

The heart, still healing, as the mind locks away the memories of each of you. Not a day had pass had I forgotten the promise I made. As I still feel your presence now & forever, rest in peace T.P., P.P., J.P., & V.P. 09.07.98.

Not a day had pass since I forgotten the promise I had made.  As much as living through each moment stubbornly believing that each of you should have had a long life to live - where each and every one of you were stripped of a life so tremendously precious.  I still keep it moving and will always keep a watchful eye over the love ones that you had left behind.  Today, as we celebrate the beginning of a new life...a life that will forever represent you since she is has that familial linkage to of each of you.  I am grateful for your presence as you walk with me through times of darkness.  I miss you and the days that we could have shared.

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