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Quote I'm feeling at the moment - "Stronger than Pain" - (So I live on quotes, bite me suckaa.)

With the current year ending, and a new year approaching, its only appropriate that I recap where I am at.

One of the many lessons I've learned to embrace this year is to ask for help and accept help when handed. I guess all of my life, I have always been so adamant about doing things on my own so that it will be from my own terms and I will never feel obliged to anyone. I wanted to know that the achievements were all solely because of my effort, sweat, and tears. Although it is something that I am working on, I am taking a step back and re-evaluating before I deny assistance from a friend. I must really question why am I denying it. Is it pride? Is it fear of paying back? Is it too generous?

One question that was used recently introduced to me (as a team building facilitation technique, but can be applied in other situations):

"What do you need to know to understand me better?"

At first, if asked this question, like most of my life, I would say, "I struggle". But if I think a bit harder, I would say that there is a few other ways to put that. There had been many trial and tribulations in my life that have challenged me to the extent where not only has it bend or mold me, but break me; where I needed time to heal - leaving me scars. Like scars, these obstacles reveal a pain that was skin deep, yet with time, not only mends itself and heal, but many layers are added to guard that surface that was once hurt and broken. I catch myself at times, deep in thought from the inside, but on the outside, mask on this content and calm expression. Yes, I believe that I have pretty thick-skin and am so much stronger than most. I can't help but feel this strength, has its limitation. I am cautious and hesitant. I like to think hard and review all of my options before making a decision. I am skeptical about many characteristics of others. Although I do not judge a person for who they are, my fear sometimes get the best of me and I turn on this wall that protects me. For many souls that are going through this internal battle, they can usually see when others are fighting themselves too...I guess the eyes do tell.

My Life Thus Far . . .

My ambition has led me to many possibilities in life and this characteristic is what those who are close to me would describe me as. That same ambition is followed by a driven demeanor that as served me well. During times of struggle, I remain focused on what means the most to me.

Goal: Proactively working towards my dream career and attaining my education. I am here to break the cycle and create a path for my future generations to come.

Moving forward, I know that I am able to learn from mistakes and overcome a lot of obstacles that was before me. My determination has pushed me beyond realms that I did not even know existed within me… and it has brought me this far.

I take with me the understanding of others and the ability to see multiple perspectives. I carry with me the drive and passion to finish what I started. And I willingly offer a helping hand to those who ask. These are some of my assets that I bring to the table.

Knowledge and experience in life have molded me into a self-motivated person who is hungry to learn and has the desire to taste success. I believe interest guides us to our true desire, but determination takes us there.

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