*le sigh* If the world was at my fingertips...

Lately I have been obsessed with editing images just for kicks.  I really like that old school 1960's feel where the colors are a bit washed and faded.  If I can find a photo-edit/creation program that fits these images into those Polaroids-style frames that would be the highlight of my life.  It just brings more character to the photo and so much cuter! Like the blowing bubbles picture in my headline!

Similar to what I'm thinking...

Anyways, my roomiee Thuyfizzle asked me to make some of her photos pretty so after editing the ones she sent me, I wanted to have some good giggles & fun and sent her a little something.  Thuy - You know I love you!!! 

I also LOVEEEEEeee what people can do with adobe photoshop and illustrator.  Someone please teach me!!!  For someone that can not draw for my life - but great at tracing hahahaha or doodling pretty designs & swirls in class - it would be awesome if I can one day do this digitally!  I mean I have an eye for it, I just need the funds for the program and some introduction and the rest...will be history - it would be epic.

Another obsession that not only feeds into procrastination during grad papers & projects, but also bring upon some self-inflicted torturing is http://www.polyvore.com/.  Basically this site can match outfits to certain items - whereas clothes, bags, shoes, or accessories - that you can't quite figure out how to pull off. Some of the pallets (they call them sets) rock my socks and makes my heart flutter.  You can even search your favorite celebrity style and "VOILA" - pages and pages of outfits worn during functions or while in their movie/show character.  The roomie and I are in love with Olivia's swagga from the City (although it is not the best show on earth, you can't miss seeing what Olivia wears!).   Since my recent blogs have been somewhat serious and intense, here are some favorites to lighten any girl's heart (well, at least mines):

How can you not love big bows?

If I had a sugadaddiee, he would bless me with..

Got a Casa Blanca event?

For my 25th Birthday - to mark my quarter-life - I so would ... (I mean, why do I have to grow up?!)

Finishing with Olivia Palermo

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